PT-100: NEW FIRMWARE VER. 1.0.6 AND 2.1.0

New firmware released:
PT-100 Ver. 1.6.0
PT-100S Ver. 2.1.0

  • Active Man Automatic: the PT-100 sends an alarm if it does not detect movement for more than a period of time set in the programming phase;
  • Presence Check: function that forces the user to signal his presence to the control unit by pressing the red button after a programmed time expires so that the device does not send the “Operator absence” signal to the control panel (the MVsNET Server version is required 14.1711);
  • Privacy: if programmed, you can give the user the possibility to make the PT-100 not traceable as a geographical position by enabling this function manually. In fact, the user can enable and disable this function by simultaneously pressing the on / off and call buttons.
WARNING! Perform the update for your device (PT-100 / PT-100S). In case of wrong firmware the device will not work.