SICEP, today as in the past, continues to be attentive to the increasing demands of protection and security, with an organization that allows to constantly grow:

  • Research and development, composed of specialized engineers, is able to develop the enormous potential, translating into practice the demands of an ever changing market with a common feature: electronic intelligence and advanced technology;
  • The purchasing department ranges around the world to choose the best materials and components, to more balanced cost;
  • Production produces equipment with professionalism, assembles the parts accurately and tests it to guarantee maximum reliability;
  • Technical assistance offers an excellent pre and post sales service, able to provide technical support and continuous training;
  • The warehouse provides to offer to customers punctuality and availability;
  • Its branched sales organization consists of a network of distributors in Italy and abroad, with concession contracts for governing the sale of own brand;
  • Everything is managed and coordinated by a management structure with a great sense of responsibility and business capability.