The SICEP Personal Tracker/APP is a smartphone application designed for own safety, the people most dear to us and all categories considered at high risk (such as women, children, elderly, disabled, lone workers, security guards, entrepreneurs, representatives, etc. etc.).

In case of danger it is possible to send, by pressing a button or by shaking the device (also with the “man down” function), a request for help to a Supervisory Central with the management system MvsNET (SICEP) with the geographic coordinates to ensure timely rescue operation.

Functional characteristics

  • APP antiaggression/rescue with GPS function.
  • Position detection via GPS or triangulation of cells.
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Use of its functions via GSM DATA connection.
  • Sending alarm, with pressure of an proprer key, instantaneous or delayed (pre-alarm, programmable in seconds).
  • Function man down settable (programmable delay in seconds) – ANDROID ONLY.
  • Alarm activation of shaking (sensitivity settable) – ANDROID ONLY.
  • Enter the position/tracking across multiple modes: Never, Periodic, On alarm, Default.
  • Recording positions on a appropriate log (with date/time, event type and location map available).
  • Deactivating APP by Privacy option (unlockable on alarm).
  • Speed dial to a preset number.
  • Possibility, in case of danger, to take pictures and send them in the Operations Center.
  • Local Menu with user-settable options.
  • Complete self-configuration of the functions by the Operations Center.
  • Bluetooth emergency button management.
  • Complete management of the APP from Operations Center MvsNET.



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