2-Way multiprotocol radio control panel with 8 inputs and 8 outputs (expandable to 32 IN-OUT) and 3 service channels (network, tamper and battery). 28 bidirectional wireless devices + 4 repeater, 4 partitions.
Log with max 512 events. Back-up connection on PSTN (with IF-TL) and GSM (with BT-GSM). Plastic case with tamper. The unit is provided with a remote control and an indoor siren.



Power supply 110/230Vac 50Hz / 13,8Vcc, with 4A switching power supply
Battery 12V, 7,5Ah max
Power consumption at 230V 130mA in stand-by (RX mode)
300mA in transmission at max power
Power consumption at 12V: 170mA in stand-by (RX mode)
3,5A in transmission at max power
Range frequency VHF (156÷174MHz)
UHF (430÷470MHz)
Channel spacing 12,5KHz
Radio deviation ± 1.65 Khz
Stability in frequency 2,5ppm –20 ÷ +70°C
TX power 1/5/10W programmable
Receiver system Double conversion superheterodyne
Receiver sensitivity >12dB Sinad –118dBm
Communication protocol
  • 3 SICEP proprietary protocols
  • 7 compatible protocols
  • REP function for monodirectiona and bidirectionsl devices
  • Anti-robbery management via Radio Pocket
  • Secondary transmission over telephone line for MVS protocol
Audio encodings No. 40 programmable Subtone frequencies CTCSS
No. 15 transponder tones
Partitions 4 independents
Configurable time of entry, exit, auto-arming. Ronda area. Management of common zones with two types of arming (normal, Master)
Types of arming Two for each area: Total and Perimetral. Management Exclusion zones in Alarm, Programmable reinclusion
Scheduler 2 hours of arming/disarming for each partitions on a weekly basis
Wired zones 8 zones expandable to 24
Impedance 100KOhm, configurable NC, NO or double-balanced, immediate / delayed; Panic / Emergency / Fire, 24H, insertion area
Outputs 8 outputs expandable to 24
Open collector to GND, 100mA max.; monostable or bistable
Other outputs
  • No.1 BS output, Open Collector on GND, 100mA max
  • No.1 state output programmable forabnormalityon the controlchannels
  • No.1 +12V output for powering external devices, 800mA max., protected by resettable fuse
Check battery Continuous monitoring voltage
Test dynamic battery Yes, programmable each 1/5/10/20/30 days
Control voltage Check continuous of voltage
Opening the case Test continuous for opening case
Antenna cut
  • Check for removal of antenna (only for DC grounded antennas)
  • 2 types for check antenna efficiency
  • RS-485 for I/O expansions and BT-GSM
  • RS-232 for programming and update the firmware
  • USB for programming
  • Interface for PR-G1 programmer
  • Antenna connector type “N” 50 ohm
  • Removable terminal block
PSTN module management Yes with optional interface
GSM module management Yes with optional interface
I/O Expansions add 2
Wired Keyboards 4
Key reader 4
Access Keys 16
Wired Proximity Readers 4
Card / Proximity tag 16
Wireless outdoor sirens 2
Radio protocol SICEP BiTech radio network (proprietary protocol) with integrated module 868MHz, 3 selectable channels
BiTech wireless devices 28 + 4 REP
Event log 512
LED Signals Mains, low battery, receiving a valid signal, TX, Rep mode, power
  • Calendar clock
  • Thermal protection on transmitter radio
  • Power supply protection on therminal board
  • Firmware updatable via PC
  • Configuration software Sicep Connect with interactive pages
Operating environment temperature Temperature from -10° to +55° C; Humidity from 20% to 80%
Case Protection IP 30
Dimensions 31 x 29 x 9,5 cm (without antenna)
Weight 1,45 Kg without battery, 4,25Kg with 7,2Ah battery



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IRS-CB.V01 Power 230Vac, VHF, 10W power, canalization at 12,5KHz, 156÷174MHz Frequency
IRS-CB.U01 Power 230Vac, UHF, 10W power, canalization at 12,5KHz, 430÷470MHz Frequency


ANT-S158 5/8 omnidirectional antenna.
ANT-S455 5/8 omnidirectional antenna.
BT-EX8/3 Expansion module 8 inputs – 8 outputs.
IF-TL Telephone interface card.
BT-KT Bi-directional 5-channel BiTech remote control.
BT-SKB Wired “S series” capacitive keyboard.
BT-SKW BiTech bi-directional radio “S series” capacitive keyboard.
BT-KR2 Universal flush-mounted proximity reader.
BT-PRX/WH Indoor proximity reader. White color.
BT-PRW/WH BiTech bi-directional radio proximity reader for indoor use. White color.
BT-CARD Credit card shaped proximity key.
BT-TAG Key proximity tag.
BT-CMXE BiTech radio magnetic contact with auxiliary input.
BT-CMXW Multifunction BiTech radio magnetic contact.
ACI-CINPGM5 Low absorption piezoelectric glass break detection sensor, white color.
ACI-CINPGM5MA Piezoelectric low absorption glass break detection sensor, brown color.
ACI-CINEM5 Low absorption piezoelectric vibration / seismic sensor, white color.
ACI-CINEM5MA Low absorption piezoelectric vibration / seismic sensor, brown color.
ACI-CINEM046 Piezoelectric vibration / seismic sensor for low absorption surfaces or grates.
BT-IRW/2 BiTech infrared radio sensor. Coverage 90 ° 15mt.
BT-IRE2.01 Outdoor dual beam PIR detector BiTech radio. Portata12m.
BT-IRE2.02 Double barrier PIR detector for external BiTech radio. Range 24m.
BT-IRE2.03 Outdoor dual beam PIR detector with BiTech radio anti-masking. Range 12m.
BT-IRE2.04 Outdoor barrier PIR detector with BiTech radio anti-masking. Range 2 – 5m.
BT-IRE2.05 BiTech bi-directional radio curtain outdoor double-beam PIR detector.
BT-IRE2.05B BiTech bi-directional radio curtain outdoor double-beam PIR detector.
BT-IRE2.06 BiTech TX – RX radio barrier with 2/4/6/8 IR beams with a height from 50cm to 3m (double optics).
BT-IRE2.07 BiTech radio barrier type TX – RX mono IR beam height 18cm (double optics).
BT-IRE2.08 BiTech column barrier TX – RX with 2/3/4/6 IR beams with height from 1m to 2.5m (double optics).
BT-ODT.01 Dual technology PIR + Microwave detector with external BiTech radio anti-masking. Range 12m. 90 °.
BT-ODT.02 BiTech dual technology PIR + Microwave detector with curtain effect for outdoor use. Range 12m. 7.5 °.
BT-SMK2 Wireless Smoke detector.
BT-SIR BiTech radio outdoor siren.
Radio (BiTech) and video (VTech) signal repeater.