SICEP presents ICON, a new high-design alarm, produced with the latest generation technologies, ables to offer advanced security features. ICON is a modular system (wired and radio) that  integrates multiple operational functions, such as: alarm, video control, smart-building, surveillance and cloud.

  • Hybrid and modular alarm control unit
  • 4 wired zones expandable to 20 IN – OUT
  • BiTech radio technology (fully 2-way), 868Mhz (3 selectable channels)
  • 40 radio zones BiTech
  • 4 Radio repeaters (REP) with the possibility of double jump
  • 4 independent areas/partitions
  • 32 users + 32 associable remote controls
  • 8 radio actuators (2 In-Out) for Smart Building
  • 16 scenarios that can be activated from keyboard, APP and remote control
  • 8 hourly programmers on an annual basis
  • 8 connectable BiTech radio smoke generator
  • Internal power supply and auxiliary battery (continuous and periodic test)
  • Integrated piezoelectric siren
  • Historical log up to 1,024, overwritten
  • VTech video verification and IP camera management (E-VIEW technology)
  • Carriers: Lan (WiFi optional), 4G / LTE
  • Sending SMS / E-Mail and voice messages
  • SIA IP protocol
  • Anti-jamming on Gsm and 868MHz radio frequency
  • Management via MY-SICEP APP and Cloud (push notifications)
  • Total integration with SICEP MvsNET Central Monitoring Stations
  • Local and remote programming
  • Remote firmware update
  • Various accessories  connectable



Mains power supply 220-230 V~, 50/60Hz
Areas 4 independent areas configurable with entry / exit times. Management known area
Wired zones 4 wired zones (NC, NO, double result, roller shutter and inertial,immediate / delayed, Panic / Help / Fire, 24H, Arming Area) expandable up to 20.
Management of an additional 96 wired zones connected via radio to the control panel
Hourly programmer 8 times of arming / disarming of individual areas on a basis weekly
Remote control outputs 4 expandable up to 20 (Open collector on GND, static or monostable)
16 relay outputs via BT-ER2 radio expansions2
User codes 32 + 2 service
Radio protocol BiTech – Sicep BiTech 868 MHz radio network; 3 selectable channels
Video protocol VTech – 868 MHz proprietary protocol + E-VIEW technology
BiTech radio devices 40
Wired keypad 4
Key readers 4
Wired proximity readers 4
Proximity Card / Tag 32
Radio remote controls 32
Radio proximity readers 4
Radio actuators 8
Radio keypad 4
Radio sensors with camera
Radio sirens
Signal repeaters
Integrated siren
>85dB at 1m
Historical events 1024
Lan module RJ45 Ethernet IEEE 802.3 10/100 LANport
8 e-mail recipients, DHCP protocol management, Optional WiFi module, Bidirectional connection with Sicep management systems
LTE / GPRS module Frequencies: E-GSM-900, DCS-1800, LTE-FDD B1, B3, B5, B7, B8, B20
Sicep Gprs protocol, sending SMS MVS, integrated antenna, SIM Datil, M2M
Anti-jamming system Radio on Sicep BiTech 868 MHz and GSM network
Programmable telephone numbers 8 recipients per voice / SMS call
Programming and updating system From SicepConnect software, locally or remotely
Power control Continuous check of mains presence and low battery
Container protection Container opening tamper and tear-proof
Dimensions (W x H x D) 217 x 327 x 92 mm
Weight 1650 g without battery


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BT-WIFI WiFi module for UNICA control panels.
BT-EX8/3 Expansion module 8 inputs – 8 outputs.
BT-KT Bi-directional 5-channel BiTech remote control.
BT-SKB Wired “S series” capacitive keyboard.
BT-SKW BiTech bi-directional radio “S series” capacitive keyboard.
BT-KR2 Universal flush-mounted proximity reader.
BT-PRX/WH Indoor proximity reader. White color.
BT-PRW/WH BiTech bi-directional radio proximity reader for indoor use. White color.
BT-CARD Credit card shaped proximity key.
BT-TAG Key proximity tag.
BT-CMXE BiTech radio magnetic contact with auxiliary input.
BT-CMXW Multifunction BiTech radio magnetic contact.
ACI-CINPGM5 Low absorption piezoelectric glass break detection sensor, white color.
ACI-CINPGM5MA Piezoelectric low absorption glass break detection sensor, brown color.
ACI-CINEM5 Low absorption piezoelectric vibration / seismic sensor, white color.
ACI-CINEM5MA Low absorption piezoelectric vibration / seismic sensor, brown color.
ACI-CINEM046 Piezoelectric vibration / seismic sensor for low absorption surfaces or grates.
BT-IRW/2 BiTech infrared radio sensor. Coverage 90 ° 15mt.
BT-MDW/AM BiTech infrared radio sensor. Range 15m.
BT-MDC/WL Infrared radio sensor BiTech 15mt. 90 ° with camera and anti-blinding.
BT-DTW/AM BiTech dual technology radio sensor with anti-blinding (only on IR). IR range 15m. 90 °.
BT-DTC/WL BiTech dual technology radio sensor with camera and anti-blinding (only on IR).
BT-MX2P Outdoor dual beam PIR detector BiTech radio.
BT-MX2PC Outdoor dual beam PIR detector BiTech radio with camera.
BT-MX3T Outdoor dual technology PIR + Microwave detector BiTech radio.
BT-MX3TC Outdoor dual technology PIR + Microwave detector BiTech radio with camera.
BT-IRE2.01 Outdoor dual beam PIR detector BiTech radio. Portata12m.
BT-IRE2.02 Double barrier PIR detector for external BiTech radio. Range 24m.
BT-IRE2.03 Outdoor dual beam PIR detector with BiTech radio anti-masking. Range 12m.
BT-IRE2.04 Outdoor barrier PIR detector with BiTech radio anti-masking. Range 2 – 5m.
BT-IRE2.05 BiTech bi-directional radio curtain outdoor double-beam PIR detector.
BT-IRE2.05B BiTech bi-directional radio curtain outdoor double-beam PIR detector.
BT-IRE2.06 BiTech TX – RX radio barrier with 2/4/6/8 IR beams with a height from 50cm to 3m (double optics).
BT-IRE2.07 BiTech radio barrier type TX – RX mono IR beam height 18cm (double optics).
BT-IRE2.08 BiTech column barrier TX – RX with 2/3/4/6 IR beams with height from 1m to 2.5m (double optics).
BT-ODT.01 Dual technology PIR + Microwave detector with external BiTech radio anti-masking. Range 12m. 90 °.
BT-ODT.02 BiTech dual technology PIR + Microwave detector with curtain effect for outdoor use. Range 12m. 7.5 °.
BT-SMK2 Wireless Smoke detector.
BT-ER2 BiTech radio actuator module for Smart Building with 2 inputs – 2 relay outputs..
BT-SIR BiTech radio outdoor siren.
Radio (BiTech) and video (VTech) signal repeater.
BT-NI BiTech radio smoke generator.