High design

MATRIX is Sicep’s answer to external perimeter protections. A wide range of BiTech radio sensors with a high design and full MADE IN ITALY.

MATRIX detectors are offered in several versions, to satisfy all installation needs, with different detection technologies (Double PIR with independent optics, MW in K-band, Dynamic anti-masking and Visual-verification).

Installation flexibility

MATRIX sensors have been engineered to ensure installation flexibility, with a positioning from 1m up to 2.4m. The joint allows to find the optimal position for detection while the roof ensures further protection against atmospheric agents.

High technology

The MATRIX have been developed with latest generation technologies. They have a specific algorithm able to selectively recognize events and completely reset false alarms (small animals, reflections, temperature changes, wind fluctuations, sun / shadow passages are discriminated).

Visual verification

MATRIX protects, discriminates, detects and sends photographs in any environmental condition, even the most adverse (both day and night). The images acquired (from 1 to 10) allow, following a theft, a quick check by both the user (App) and the CMS. The photos, sharp and clear thanks to the wide-angle optics and the LED lights, are sent in a few seconds.

Multiple levels of protection

The MATRIX have multiple levels of protection against sabotage, also when the system is off, with immediate notification. In addition to anti-masking, active and dynamic on the 2 PIRs, they have a triaxial sensor against removal, displacement and damage.

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