New software version Ver. 13.1700 released:

  • New event list: “Patrols on the spot”, where the events in charge of NavNET converge that signal the arrival on the spot (manual or automatic).
  • Implementation “scheduled recurring activity”: settable with manual alarm / Scheduled activity where it is possible to define an end interval and a frequency.
  • Fleet display on a dedicated window: particularly useful with the second monitor.
  • NavNET: implemented definitive closure of the event managed in delegation.
  • Ability to send SMS / e-mail notifications to contact details even when the event is closed.
  • The 1700 cannot directly upgrade older versions of the 1657. For 32bit an intermediate (automatic) step to 1699 is required before upgrading to 1700.
  • The update creates the “S-GPRS Awakening” vector.
  • Fixed minor bugs