The MvsNET system is designed with a hardware and software architecture designed to create a management system with the highest performance, maintaining and increasing the principles of multivectoriality, polifunctionality and modularity.
The MvsNET System consists of a PC server with a Linux operating system and one or more client PCs with Microsoft Windows operating systems.
The server (mod. NET-SERVER) guarantees greater management stability and reliability, letting the operators access the system only through clients.
The salient points of the system:

Maintaining the principles of multivectoriality, polifunctionality, and modularity
System suitable for full tele-management with remote control
New hardware architecture with high performance
Native Client/Server architecture with Linux operating system
Management of data and alarms locally and by remote access
Ability to manage data and alarms from different locations
1,000,000 events per month effectively managed
Management structure enriched by a series of integrated and optional services