Matrix is SICEP’s answer to external perimeter protections. A wide range of radio sensors (BiTech technology) with a high design and easy installation, with latest generation technologies to ensure reliability and operational efficiency. The detectors of the MATRIX series are offered in several versions with different detection technologies: PIR, MW and Videoverification. MATRIX protects, discriminates, detects and sends photographs in any environmental condition, even the most adverse, ensuring absolute protection of the entire site. The images acquired (from 1 to 10) allow, following a notification of theft, a quick verification by both the user (App) and the Monitoring Station (MvsNET system). Designed with specific algorithms for immunity to false alarms, they are able to protect all the most sensitive outdoor areas, from homes to large commercial sites. The perfect solution for those looking for maximum safety.

Wireless outdoor sensors

  • BiTech two-way wireless technology (868Mhz)
  • 2 PIR sensors + 1 MW sensor (depending on the models)
  • PIR with independent optics
  • MW in K-band (24GHz 2-channel)
  • Range from 4 to 18m 90° (depending on the models and sensitivity)
  • Digital analysis of signals
  • Active and dynamic anti-masking on 2 infrared
  • Self-calibration with dirty lenses
  • Installation height 1-1.2m / 2.1-2.4m
  • 8 levels of sensitivity, settable
  • Small animal discrimination
  • Specific algorithm for immunity to false alarms
  • Triaxial motion sensor, with position learning, against removal,
  • damage and sabotage
  • Interchangeable lenses (curtain or pet immunity model)
  • Cover protection and joint included
  • Anti-opening tamper
  • Degree of protection IP55

MATRIX with camera

  • Color camera with CMOS sensor
  • VTech transmission protocol
  • Fixed optic, 90° angle
  • Resolution 640×480 pixels (VGA)
  • White light LED illuminator (6-8m)
  • No. frames per alarm selectable (1 to 10)
  • Micro-movie viewable via App and MvsNET