DALM3000 EN 54-21

The prescriptions that regulate fire detection systems envisage, in the event of lack of 24-hour supervision, the need to connect to the Central Monitoring Center through an EN 54-21 compliant transmission system such as the DALM3000.

The connection between the fire detection system and the monitoring centers must be constantly monitored and entrusted to a transmitter with a double communication carrier.

All sites with the obligation to have a fire detection system, not manned, must therefore be equipped with this connection.

  • Universal transmitter EN54-21
  • Communication in: Lan (priority), 4G (backup), Sms or Email (7
  • 8 input
  • 4 outputs
  • PSTN input for SIA and Contact-ID conversion
  • SIA-IP DC09 protocol
  • Encrypted transmission of information
  • Settable transmission times (minimum polling time 90s)
  • Status LED for system controls and communication
  • Power supply 10-30Vdc
  • Total compatibility with MvsNET system, EN 50518 compliant
  • SIA-IP license included with MvsNET connection
  • Reduced dimensions
  • Certifications:
    – EN 54-21: 200611 (CPR)
    – EN 50131-10: 2014
    – EN 50136-1: 2012
    – EN 50136-2: 2013



Power supply 11-30Vdc
Power consumption 230mA, in inactive mode
Logic inputs 8
Outputs 4
Checks Power supply below 10.5Vdc, Anti-opening tamper, Lan connection error, GSM connection error, DALM ignored for ByPass
Transmission protocols SIA-IP DC 09 / SOS Access V4
PSTN input Simulated telephone line for connecting the analog dialer
Kits available External antenna kit (included), required for operation
Interfaces 1 ethernet connector
1 ethernet connector for connecting other IP equipment
1 4G module
1 telephone interface for connecting the analog dialer
LED signals Starting the device, connecting to the GSM network, waiting for programming, programming completed, Programming Via web portal, EasyWebManager
Container protection Tamper
Dimensions 169 x 126 x 40 mm (L x H x P)
Weight 0.35Kg without battery
Certifications EN 54-21 certifications (CPR)
EN50136-1-2 (Security Grade 4)