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Compact 4 IN-OUT transmitter + 3 service channels (expandable to 12 IN-OUT with BT-EX8/3) in GPRS (Sim M2M, Standard / Off-Line or Always-On mode) or WiFi (with module optional). Static and dynamic IP management. Bidirectional connection with MvsNET. Integrated line simulator. Event history (max 400). Power supply 9 - 15Vcc. Integrated anti-robbery / rescue kit (SL-K2). Plastic case with anti-opening tamper.
Power supply 9 - 15Vcc
Power consumption at 12V: 60 mA, 300mA max
Input channels n° 4, 100 KOhm, Pull-Up 100 KOhm su 3,0V
Outputs 4, Open Collector to GND, 100mA max
I/O Expansions add 1
Communication Protocol to MvsNET
GSM module management 4 modes: off, wake on ring, wake Sms, always-on
Communication protocol
Receiving formats: Ademco Contact-ID, Ademco 4 + 2 Express, Ademco Fast 4 + 8 + 1, Ademco 4 + 16 + 1 via a simulated telephone interface
  • 1 RS485 BUS for BT-EX8/2 expansion
  • 1 WiFi interface for mod. BT-WIFI
  • 1 for 868MHz radio module
  • 1 USB type B connector
Event log 400 events
LED Signals Power on, Alert, USB, GSM status, GSM level, Tx/Rx
Operating environment temperature
Operating temperature: -10° to +50°C
Humidity: 20% to 80%
Case Protection IP40
Dimensions 176x176x30mm
Weight 0,5Kg


BT-EX8/2 Expansion module with 8 Inputs - 8 Outputs. Connection on RS485 BUS.
BT-WIFI WiFi module for UNICA system. Allow to connect the UNICA panel to the local wireless LAN.
BT-KT/2 2-Way remote control with 2 channels. Acustic and visual confirmation. RF Connection throu BiTech tecnology.