Sicep Roaming Solution (SRS)

Sicep Roaming Solution (SRS) is the result of a nationwide agreement with Telit, a specialist company and leader in wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, to offer a unique connectivity solution made from Sim cards and customized data plans with connectivity roaming. This solution increases communication performance and reduces usage costs.

Prerogatives of the system
Through the use of Sim Roaming each device registers to the operator who at that moment has the best signal. In case of anomalies and / or criticality of the same, according to a logic of scalability, the Sim passes to another manager automatically, always guaranteeing continuity in the transmissions.
The Sicep Roaming Solution (SRS) solution therefore offers secure connectivity and reliable transmissions with dedicated economic conditions.

The advantages
  • Speed ​​of installation thanks to roaming coverage
  • Sim compatibility with the main national operators (Wind - 3 - Tim - Vodafone)
  • Increased security given by multi-operator management
  • Configuration of devices in Always-On with low costs
  • Complete back-compatibility with the installed equipment park (if equipped with a roaming modem)
  • Dedicated portal for monitoring and managing the Sims
  • Consumption data analysis with constant updating

  • Wide choice of tariff plans (from 1Mb to 20Mb)
  • Simple contractual agreement
  • Monitoring and constant technical support
  • Visibility of the Sim park through a dedicated web portal
  • Complete connectivity solution