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One way pocket transmitter for anti-attack with 2 channels (delayed alarm or rapid). VHF or UHF frequency band. Needs to work with an unit with repeater function. "Man down" option. Lithium battery included.
Transmission channels 2 + Man Down (if equipped) + Low battery
Power consumption zero on standby
3mA in standby mode with horizontal position (if equipped with "Man Down" option)
90mA in Transmission
Power supply 3,6Vcc
Battery Lithium battery 3,6V 1/2 AA size
TX power < 1 mW ERP
Range frequency VHF: 156÷174 MHz
UHF: 440÷470MHz
Channel spacing 12,5Khz
Dimensions 48 x 95 x 18mm(WxHxD)
Weight 55gr (with battery)


RP-V.001 VHF band, 2 channels
RP-V.002 VHF band, 2 channels, "Man Down"
RP-U.001 UHF band, 2 channels
RP-U.002 UHF band, 2 channels, "Man Down"