• New minimal and ergonomic design
  • N ° 5 dedicated function keys
  • Bi-directional RF connection to the control panel by BiTech technology.
  • Query function to know the system status with acoustic / visual confirmation.
  • Easy and effective interface with two-color led and acoustic signaling.
  • Immediate information on open areas / anomalies.
  • "Forced arming" function.
  • Identification and association at the control panel of each remote control.
  • Automatic routing in the presence of REP to communicate with the control panel.
  • Using Lithium Battery 3V Mod. CR2032.
  • Total compatibility with all SICEP models with BiTech module
    (BT-436 / 887 / 15159, DCS-436 / 887 / 15159, IRS-CM / CB, ONE, UNICA)