Capacitive wired keypad "S series". With a large graphic display (128x64 pixels) and backlit capacitive buttons for clear and prompt management of Burglar Alarm. It has function keys for controlling the system. LEDs status and fault signal.

Functional characteristics:

  • Display system status and individual partitions.
  • General information of operating parameters (date / time, network presence, alarm memory, anomalies)
  • System Command (Total arming/ Partial / Shortcuts: Aid request - Supervision - Fire)
  • Local parameters programming (audio volume, brightness)
  • Tamper and tearproof
  • Multilingual (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish)
  • Full compatibility with all of the alarm control panel models (BT-436/887/15159, DCS-436/887/15159, IRS-CM/CB, UN-436)
  • Connection: Bus RS485
  • Dimensions: 160x160x28 mm
  • Weight: 160gr